Express Fasteners helps our customers achieve production and process efficiencies with customized vendor management inventory (VMI) services. These VMI and EDI capable best practices transcend industries and help guarantee that the fasteners and components you need to get the job done are available when and where you need them.

Partnering with Express Fasteners to fulfill your inventory requirements with VMI will help streamline your production processes and administrative order fulfillment tasks. In turn, you’ll achieve lower product costs per unit and realize increased profit margins over time. And, with our VMI program you’ll receive all bin hardware, shelving units and printers for barcoding at no additional cost.

Express Fasteners Vendor Managed Inventory Best Practices

Technology Management Processes

We use the most technologically advanced methods for managing client inventory. Tools like bar codes and tracking software are used to automate the process of inventory tracking and simplify the reordering process.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Our vendor managed inventory program is EDI capable and allows for seamless communication with our customers. This EDI capability tracks parts inventories and forecasts when and where parts are needed. In turn, your business processes run smoothly without delays and much less paperwork!

Just In Time Inventory (JIT)

Using JIT principles Express Fasteners will replenish your fastener stock as required with regular deliveries. As part of this parts management framework we maintain inventories for our clients at our facilities.

Bin Stocking Program

Express Fasteners offers an exclusive bin stocking program to ensure you never run out of necessary parts. We’ll constantly replenish parts at your facilities, invoicing you only for the parts you use. This is a great way to reduce inventory costs and spread those costs out over time as dictated by your manufacturing schedule.   

Bar Coding

Product identification is easy when each fastener is labeled with a bar code. Bar coding efforts help to simplify communication about individual products, including tracking, traceability and integration alongside our other vendor managed inventory capabilities and your internal processes.

Comprehensive Logistics Strategies

Long-standing logistics partnerships and proven methods help us provide transportation and prompt delivery of needed fasteners and components to our customers. Such efforts help reduce inventory stockpiles at your location(s) while maintaining appropriate reserves to continue operations.  

Vendor Consolidation

Our extensive product line of fasteners and related components is your one-stop-shop! With fewer vendor partnerships you can realize lower product costs and achieve product, transport and delivery efficiencies.

We are committed to our customers’ success. Express isn’t just our name, it’s engrained in our speed of service and our commitment to our customers’ needs. Let us show you how Express Fasteners can benefit your business!