Custom Services

At Express Fasteners, we care about putting our clients’ needs first. As a result, our custom fasteners and services allow customers to achieve unique business challenges, including new products, production goals and manufacturing processes. Working with our customers we continue to push the limits within our industry – surpassing expectations tied to custom fastener design, packaging and shipping requirements. 

From fasteners for TV Mounting to garage door mechanics and heavy equipment industries, we can help you achieve new heights with our customized products and services, including:

Custom Fastener Design – Made to Print Products

We regularly work on made to print initiatives for our customers to create innovative custom fasteners and specialized products. Using SOLIDWORKS® software to design your custom fasteners, our company can provide customized fastener designs for various production requirements and industry applications.

Custom Packaging – Unique Kits

Express Fasteners can work with you to create customized packages for individual production units. Custom packaging and bagging can include everything from different types of fasteners to specific piece counts, and instruction sheets. Save time and money with pre-sorted parts and custom kits for specialized jobs and processes!

Custom Paint and Finishing for Fasteners & Components

We offer custom paint and finish options for your unique parts. Choose from a variety of standard platings and finish options ranging from zinc to cadmium, chrome, black oxide, dacroment, nickel phosphate, brass and dichromate. Or, let us know about custom paint colors or specialized plating requirements for your project. We can also provide color-matching services to match existing parts.

Locking Applications & Systems

Working together we can help you reduce vibrations, minimize loosening and achieve enhanced safety measures with fastener locking mechanisms. Our locking application features include sems, serrated tooth, distorted threads, nylon pellet and nylon patch options to help you achieve stability and mounting requirements.

Exclusive Custom Services

The extent of our custom services is limitless as your fastener requirements are our business! From drilling holds for heavy product placement to specific cutting lengths and use of special threads, we can help you achieve your desired product and production ambitions. We also offer hot rush shipping options to help tackle your critical projects.

We look forward to working with you on your custom specifications and projects! Let us know how we can assist you with your custom inquiry.