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Express Fasteners is synonymous with high quality fasteners and metal component design, production, delivery and in everything in between, including custom packaging, kitting and hot rush shipping. Our products are meticulously tested for quality compliance alongside industry standards to ensure fastener performance and our services extend to customized packaging, kits and finishes. We’re your preferred partner for industrial hardware and custom fastener solutions!


Express Fasteners offers a diverse line of quality fastener products for an expansive number of commercial and industrial customers. These fasteners include standard products compatible for a range of applications as well as custom fasteners designed for specific uses.

Fastener Assembly & Kitting

If your production process requires fasteners to be assembled or kitted prior to delivery, Express Fasteners can help with your needs! With fastener kitting, we can organize and neatly package screws and washers, or other fastener components, according to your specifications before we deliver inventory to your location. If necessary, assembled fasteners can also be delivered as part of custom kit.

Exotic Metals and Materials

We cater to a wide range of industries that demand unique product specifications. Our fasteners and components are offered in a variety of standard options along with your choice of other exotic metals and materials. We only work with the highest quality materials to provide you with strong, performing products.

Unique Designs

Alongside standard fasteners, we can also help you create unique parts and components. Design services are available to create unique custom fastener designs for virtually any use or application. At Express Fasteners, we make our clients’ objectives – both ordinary and unconventional – our number one priority.